Ghost is simple and refreshing, hardly ground breaking

If you aren't aware, Ghost is a free blogging platform built on Node.js. You can use Ghost as hosted by the Ghost creators or install Ghost yourself on your own web server.

Day one features for Ghost are pretty slim. It's barely surpassing features found in simple note-taking apps available on Android and iOS smartphones. Ghost's only saving grace is it's intuitive and responsive interface. Frankly, it's just beautiful.

Content management systems, including those of the blogging persuasion are easy to create, but difficult to innovate and scale . Websites come in all different shapes and sizes and their content requirements vary to great degrees. Ghost nails blogging, but only the writing aspect. And yes, the writing experience is important. But I think Ghost put too much effort into it and provided their launch with a platform that is lacking.

Why Ghost is not for you right now

If you plan on growing beyond the confines of "just blogging", Ghost might not be a good fit. At least not in 2014. But if you're looking for something more like Medium, which focuses heavily on writing and have the technical chops to deploy a Node.js application, then Ghost is a great fit.

What's most disappointing about Ghost is that it's just a [another] blogging platform. But alas, it's still quite early for the team at Ghost and the platform has a lot of growing up to do.

October 14, 2013