iPhone or Android? What I tell every person who asks

It doesn't matter who you are, buying a smartphone is a simple decision and it's based on how you like to use your phone.


If you're the kind of person that really enjoys widgets and copious amounts of customizability, then Android is a great platform. Powerful and sometimes overtly complex. Yes, it can get exhausting keeping tabs on all those customizations, but that's a dream for some people.

You can replace most of the default apps and that's something I wish iOS would copy. Apple has great intentions, but their default apps often leave me wanting. But where Android often falters for me is build quality. It's parade of cheap hardware. But that's slowly becoming less of and issue.

I've made the mistake of generalizing Android as a nerdy platform. But if there is one thing Android has become, it's easier to use.


If you like power and simplicity, then I recommend the iPhone. To this day, Apple garners most of the best-in-breed apps you'll ever find on a smartphone or tablet. But the innovation stops there.

The iPhone gets out of the way. I often recommend the iPhone to people coming from older mobile devices. The iPhone is easily the path of least resistence and complexity for most people.

Some would have you believe iPhone owners are simple-minded idiots. But that just isn't the case. The iPhone is for people with simple needs.


At the end of the day, we're all just buying products we connect easily with. For some it's an iPhone, others an Android device. And God bless your heart, maybe a Windows Phone or Blackberry.

I tell people to buy what they like the most and to never feel guilty or envious if someone thinks that choice sucks.

November 25, 2013