Exclusives will be a marginal win for consoles going forward

Reading the article from The Next Web, "Why PlayStation 4 was the best-selling next-gen console in the US last month", Nick Summers had this to say about exclusives:

While Titanfall will almost certainly help Microsoft to shift a bucketload of Xbox One consoles, Sony has its own share of platform exclusives in the pipeline including Infamous: Second Sun, Driveclub, The Order: 1866 and a fresh instalment in the Uncharted franchise.

Honestly, Titanfall will mostly drive Xbox One sales because there just aren't very many exciting games to buy right now and it's better than buying new games for last-generation hardware. The same goes for the Playstation 4.

I'm just not convinced Sony or Microsoft will extend themselves very far to win unit sales. Both companies are seemingly relying on existing fans to carry them through. Neither company has done much to convince anyone why one is better than the other. Let alone whether anyone should buy a console at all.

February 16, 2014  ·  Source