Say "I'm a multitasker" one more time

At work many people aren't multitasking anything. They're merely devoting less time to each task and assuming is multitasking. True multitasking is , at once, managing the lift, speed and vector of a commercial airliner as it lands. Not switching between apps gratuitously until something gets done.

The only things multitasking in the workplace are computers and servers. If I were your desktop computer, I'd be super-pissed that you were running around the office proclaiming your exploits as a result of my hard work.

On the bright side, "multitaskers" are great starters. They get things moving at a high-volume. But the quality therein? It's spotty. Some "multitaskers" do good work and other do awful work. But for the most part, the focus is almost non-existent and focus is, in my humble opinion, a prerequisite for great work.

June 02, 2014